At Advantage Screens and Doors in Brisbane we carry a wide range of beautiful and functional shutters, ideal for Queensland homes.
As an alternative solution to standard window treaments, shutters are an elegant and versatile option for many different styles of home. The perfect choice to protect from inclement weather, all our shutters are durable, strong, fade-resistant and waterproof.
Toxin free and climate proof, our indoor window shutters can be adjusted to allow a free flow of air into your home and regulation of heat and sunlight.
Many of our shutters are suitable for both interior and exterior use. They enable maximum control over ventilation, heat, rain, storms and direct sunlight. Available in many different colours, they’re a practical choice for a range of applications.
All Advantage shutters are easy-to-clean and maintain.
Shutters — Screens Blinds in Brisbane, QLD
A Wide Range of Styles

We can provide aluminium shutters, imported shutters and cedar shutters.
PVC Shutters
Aluminium Shutters
Cedar Shutter
Imported Shutters